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Tuesday Night Ladies Golf Clinics

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2019 Ladies On-Course Instructional Program

The golf professional staff at Shaker Hills is offering a twelve week (on-course) player development program for ladies geared to help every aspect of your game! This program will be conducted on the course each week (no range time) and will be a ton of fun!

Tuesday Evenings at 6:15 PM

Level – Beginner/Intermediate


Week 1 (May 28) 6:15-7:30        An introduction to the Player Development Program. We’ll take a trip onto the course to discuss several new USGA Rules put into place this year (lots of changes have been made!). Also a great way to meet and mingle with the other ladies! Registration will open at 6:00PM.

Week 2 (June 4) 6:15-7:30         Golf with an emphasis on putting and green reading!

Week 3 (June 11) 6:15-7:30        Tonight we’ll learn when to move from putting to chipping and how this shot is played in different situations.

Week 4 (June 18) 6:15-7:30        We’ve mastered the chip shot and are ready to get up and down from more difficult situations using the pitch shot.

Week 5 (June 25) 6:15-7:30        Short game is good and all… but how can I get more off the tee? We’ll focus on the full swing and driver this week.

Week 6 (July 9) 6:15-7:30          Now that the tee shot is in play, let’s work on making good contact with your irons, fairway woods and hybrids from the fairway (level lie).

Week 7 (July 16) 6:15-7:30        Let’s take a breather and just play! I’ll recap all areas we’ve discussed during the previous weeks.

Week 8 (July 23) 6:15-7:30        You knew it was coming… we’ve worked on level lies, but what adjustments are made from un-level lies? We’ll discuss how to hit side hill, ball above the feet and ball below the feet shots.

Week 9 (July 30) 6:15-7:30        It’s everyone’s favorite week of the year… Bunkers!!! With proper fundamentals, anyone can execute this shot.

Week 10 (August 6) 6:15-7:30     With bunkers behind us, let’s use some of those fundamental’s in a flop shot and work on other specialty shots around the green.

Week 11 (August 13) 6:15-7:30    Time to do a full recap! If you missed any of the weeks, this is a great chance to get filled in.

Week 12 (August 20) 6:15-7:30    Let’s put all your new skills to the test. We'll play a two person team scramble tonight. Teams will be blind drawn before we go out.

Rain Date (August 27) 6:00-7:15   Rain Date if Needed

Rain Date (Sept. 3) 6:00-7:15      Rain Date if Needed