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Ace & Albatross Program

$$$    Ace & Albatross Program    $$$

Shaker Hills Bonus on 1st Payout: $500

Program Sponsor 

SG Hall Pretina

Segreve & Hall Insurance will sponsor the 2nd payout with an additional $500 bonus in 2022!

Thank you Larry Hall!


New this year!!! We are offering each member the opportunity to opt-in to our Ace & Albatross Program. Members must be elligible for club events to participate. Range, Junior and the Summer Weekday Members are not elligible.  

How does the program work and how much does it cost?

Once an elligible member has registered and gets an Ace or Albatross, they will receive a gift card to Shaker Hills valued at 100% of all monies collected in the pot. This gift card can be used towards any purchase at Shaker Hills, including the bar tab! Your membership must be active and in good standing at the time getting the Ace or Albatross to be elligible for the payout.

After each payout, there is an auto charge of $20 to build back the pot for the next payout. This will get charged to your card on file and continue for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Do I need a Witness?

Any Ace or Albatross must be witnessed and attested by another golfer in the group. An Ace or Albatross made while playing as a single will not count. Witnesses not playing in your group or from another hole do not count. Even more reason to play with others! ...And NO Mulligans Allowed! 

Can I opt Out?

Yes, there are two ways to opt-out. By cancelling / not renewing your membership or by emailing andy@shakerhills.com at any time. The $20 purchase (or any re-charges) are non-refundable once made and you would be required to pay $20 (or the going rate) to opt back in at a future time. Once you opt-out, you are no longer eligible for the prize money.

How long does this go for?

This will run through the end of the 2022 golf season. If successful, we will roll this over and continue the program year after year.

Why are we doing this?

It’s not everyday someone gets an Ace or Albatross. We typically see 1-2 members per season get an ace (but sometimes none). What better way to cap off the shot of a lifetime!  If all members opt-in, the payouts could exceed $3,000!   

What happens if no member gets an Ace?

The staff will enjoy a very nice steak dinner! (JK)… If the program is successful and we get a good number of members enrolled, we’ll continue this into the next season and the money would roll over. If the program is not a success, Shaker Hills will decide what method is best to distribute the pot back to the enrolled members of this program (likely involving a prize raffle to those still enrolled).